We are Arto

Arto will help you keep overheads down and stay in business. Working with associate surveyors and accountants to review leases and prepare financial statements, we will approach landlords to seek rent reductions and greater flexibility on rent payments.

We will attend a first, no obligation, meeting with you to understand your situation. Once appointed, we will look at your lease, your business performance and any other relevent information that will help your case. Arto will then do some background research to, for example, establish the market value of your property and build your argument.

We will clearly establish what we are seeking to achieve before making the direct approach to meet your landlord face to face. Our negotiations are based on your needs but also on affordability for the landlord, so what we look to achieve is the best solution for both parties. Your ongoing relationship with your landlord is important for your business going forward.

As well as seeking rent reductions, we may be looking for a review of your lease terms giving you greater flexibility on payments. In the current climate, monthly rather than quarterly payments can help ease cash flow concerns. We can also negotiate your rent arrears.

Our experienced, knowlegable and personal approach, together with the required financial and legal support, has enabled us to achieve rent cost savings of between 20% and 78%.

We have achieved upto 78% savings in rent costs